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10 Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Ah, welcome to boot season! After a long and strenuous summer, I am finally joyously pairing my leggings with boots again! I thought we could take some time and explore various shoe options!  1. I've been wearing my leggings with BIRKENSTOCKS! Well, knock-offs! Loving the look! 2,3, 4. Flats, ballet flats, toms! These look great with leggings!  5. Ankle booties! Cowboy style, fringed, whatever your style! These are a little more warm-weather friendly, and I wear them year-round! 6. Boots! Knee-boots look AMAZING with leggings!!! I'm partial to "riding" boots. 7,8,9. Whatever! I rock the flip-flop and leggings look, even if it's not super popular. Who cares? Or you can get super trendy with moccasins, or even heels! 10. Um,...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Closet Neat

Hello beautiful ladies! I would love to see your closets with a rainbow of tops and neat stacks of colorful leggings. Oh, not quite an accurate picture? There’s no reason to settle for a messy closet. I’ve got a few tricks I’ve developed over the years, which keep my half of our tiny closet spick and span! Track what you don’t wear. Every New Year’s, I turn all of our clothes hangers backwards. If by the following New Year’s, any clothes still have a backwards hanger, I know I haven’t worn it for a whole year. It’s pretty easy to give that away, right? Make things as easy as possible. Do you really need to fold your underwear? Only if...

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