About Southwest Legging Co.

My name is Amy, and I am a leggings addict! I got my first pair in 2016, and within a couple months I was making my own. It started as just a hobby, but after I was laid off in early 2017, it became my full time job. I'm fanatical about making the best leggings available with unique designs - I love being able to offer matching sets for people! And I'm so excited as we expand into dresses, tops, and skirts!

🖤My kids are in elementary school now! Woo hoo!
🖤My background is bookkeeping. I do have a MBA degree.
🖤I love playing board games, baking, reading, and building furniture!

We are so lucky to have several wonderful women helping me out! There is no way this business could be handled by just me. So meet the team!

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