About Southwest Legging Co.

@southwestleggingcompany This pays the bills and it’s freaking fun! #leggingsoftiktok #smallbusinessowner #leggings #designer ♬ original sound - Kinsey Hagedorn

My name is Amy, and I'm addicted to designing my own clothing! It started back in 2016 - I wasn't happy with the leggings prints you could buy, and I hated having to comment in some group and hope I was first, so I set out to make my own leggings! I wanted to make fun and pretty designs like cactus, florals, and cute animals, and I wanted the buying experience to be friendly and also easy!

A few months later (and a lot of work!) we had our first batch of 5 leggings prints! We started selling January 1st, 2017. Now we make joggers, multiple styles of dresses, shorts, and the most amazing skirts. And I can't wait to see what the future holds!

We've had some tough times and some amazing times! It's been an amazing journey - we've been featured by magazines, a guests on podcasts, and in the news a couple of times. 

It's all thanks to my amazing customers! We have the best community. Women who like to wear colorful printed pants are fun people. My life is totally different because of knowing you all.

🖤 I've got two kids - my son is a baseball player and wants to be an engineer. And my daughter loves horses and helping with our business. A lot of our kids prints are picked by her!
🖤 Before this business, I actually earned my MBA degree while working full-time in education and while pregnant with my daughter. I skipped graduation because I had a newborn. 
🖤 We have a full house with two herding dogs named Maple Freckles and Jordy Burrito, two cats named Princess Sophia and Duke Leopold Henry, a ball python named Severus Snake, and a pink-belly turtle named Shelley! 

We are so lucky to have several wonderful women helping me out! There is no way this business could be handled by just me. So meet the team!

Owner + Designer

CFO + Operations
Wholesale Director
+ Customer Service