About Southwest Legging Co.

My name is Amy, and I really love colorful and comfy clothes! It all started back in 2016, where a friend made me try a pair of bright printed leggings. I had always been a jeans and black t-shirt kinda girl, so trying something so colorful and different was amazing! It really changed my life as I explored using clothes to express myself.

But I hated shopping online when sizing was inconsistent and you never knew if you were getting quality fabric. And forget trying to be the first one to comment and claim a single item in some facebook group. Moms don't need that added stress in our lives!

So I set out to make super high quality printed leggings in fun designs like cactus and wine, and make them super easy to buy through a simple website. We started selling January 1st, and within a few weeks we had sold our first 50 pairs! 

That spring I was laid off from my job as an educational administrator. No one was hiring, so I just kept making leggings. We added kids sizes, and started offering mommy + me collections. Within a few months, I was able to take a small salary and make the business my "real" job!

The last few years have been so fun! We've hit roadblocks and had to learn through our mistakes. But we have the absolute best community of women supporting us and enjoying our clothes. I've been so proud as we launched joggers, and then dresses and skirts! I can't wait to see what we do next!

🖤 I've got two kids - my son is twice exceptional and loves minecraft, and my daughter is the social butterfly and adores unicorns. A lot of our kids prints are picked by her!
🖤 Before this business, I actually earned my MBA degree while working full-time and pregnant with my daughter. I skipped graduation because I had a newborn. 
🖤 We have a full house with dozens of houseplants, two heelers, two rescue cats, and a small ball python named Severus Snake! 

We are so lucky to have several wonderful women helping me out! There is no way this business could be handled by just me. So meet the team!

Owner + Designer

CFO + Fulfillment
Wholesale Manager
+ Customer Service Boss