About Southwest Legging Co.

My name is Amy, and I really love colorful and comfy clothes! It all started back in 2016, where a friend made me try a pair of bright printed leggings. I had always been a jeans and black t-shirt kinda girl, so trying something so colorful and different was amazing! It really changed my life as I explored using clothes to express myself.

But I hated shopping online, trying to be the first one to comment and claim a single item. It seemed insane to me. So I wanted to take on the system -- I designed and created my first mini-collection of leggings, and made my own website to sell them. I wanted people to be able to shop without stress, and for you to be able to get matching sets with friends and family.

Within a few months, my little experiment had turned into a successful small business. At the same time, I had been laid off from my day job, so I dove in and never looked back. That was back in 2017.

It's been super hard at times. But we learn through struggle more than success, and I am so grateful of the amazing community of women that have surrounded me and lifted me up. I have the best job in the world now. I get to be home caring for my family, and my work challenges me every day!

We have expanded the brand to include all sorts of products. Our dresses launched in 2018, and our joggers had a wildly successful launch in 2019. They're one of our top sellers now. And in 2020 we launched our amazing skirts, which are turning out to be a new favorite. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

🖤 I'm married to a math teacher, and my son loves Minecraft and my daughter wants to be a unicorn veterinarian some day. We have a ball python named Severus Snake, along with our red heeler Maple and our calico Sophie.
🖤 My background is in education, working as an administrator. I got my MBA in 2015 while pregnant with my daughter. I've also worked as a hotel maid, camp counselor, pizza chef, security guard, and photographer. 
🖤 In my spare time, I like to build furniture, bake cakes, and collect houseplants. I read a book almost every week. I love escape rooms, trying weird flavors of ice cream, and dance classes and yoga.

We are so lucky to have several wonderful women helping me out! There is no way this business could be handled by just me. So meet the team!

Owner + Designer

CFO + Fulfillment
Wholesale Manager
+ Customer Service Boss