Brand Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program is intended to reward our customers who frequently share our brand. There are two roles - Brand Reps and Brand Models. Ambassadors are a combination of both. All three roles also have first dibs to preorder new launches before they are announced.

Brand Reps promote us on social media, and get business cards with their own custom discount code to share with friends and family who are new to our brand. They get a 15% discount on all their purchases. They also earn store credit when their friends+family code is used.

Brand Models don't have to be online, but do need to send us photos within 1 week of receiving any new clothes. They get a 35% discount as long as quality photos are received promptly.

Ambassadors promote us online and take awesome photos. They are also sent free items for some launches depending on our marketing needs. (Free items must be tagged #sponsored in your posts.)

Please email any questions you have. This is an informal agreement, and we can remove anyone from their role at any time if they are not participating. We also may withhold store credit rewards if we feel a participant is abusing or scamming the program.
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Applications for Fall/Winter 2020 are due by August 14

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