What are your leggings made of? What does the fabric feel like?

All of our leggings (and pretty much all of our clothing!) are a super-soft 92/8% poly-spandex blend fabric that is custom printed for us. This fabric is flattering but oh-so-comfy - plus it doesn't wrinkle, shrink, or fade. We invest a lot into our fabric, because it makes a huge difference for our clothes!

Our favorite poly-spandex blend is NOT a shiny, compression fabric. Our everyday leggings are great for yoga and light exercise, but they're not ideal for an intense spin class or running a marathon. But they are a favorite for themed runs!

What size am I? What is your sizing like?

In general, Small is women's size 4-8, Medium is 10-14, and Large is 16-20. X-Large in leggings is 18-24. Large in dresses and skirts can fit up to 24/26. X-Small leggings etc are great for girl's 14 up to women's 4. 

Our kids items -- toddler is 2T-5T, and kids is 6-12. Some girls at size 12 need to jump to x-small depending on their build. 

Check our the size charts  if you'd like to get out a measuring tape and get technical!

How do you wash our clothes?

Just wash gently and show them some love. All clothes last longer with gentle treatment. Some people hand wash. We haven't had any issues machine washing on cool with a bleach-free detergent and then tumble drying on low. They also dry super fast if you hang dry them - and this will help them last longer too! 

(Our owner has her kids do her laundry, so they're getting washed on all kinds of crazy settings and dried with heat... it just wears all clothes out faster. Our clothes are made with really quality fabric, so they can stand up to a lot!)

How fast do you ship orders?

Our goal is to ship all orders from the weekend on Mondays, and then orders from during the week as they are received - often on Wednesdays and Fridays. During sales and busy seasons, sometimes we take up to a week to fulfill orders, but that's uncommon. We try to avoid working on the weekend, but sometimes we put in the extra hours during special sales and super busy times!

What about returns?

Did you order the wrong size? We know, it happens. If its just been tried on and not worn or washed, we are happy to get you a return label and swap it out for the right size! We handle all returns through email, to help us keep track.

Can you make ____ leggings for our group/club/fundraiser?

We love making custom leggings for fundraisers, businesses, clubs, and even individual artists to resell! The minimum is a dozen per size, and we recommend doing presales because production takes 4-6 weeks. Prices are usually around $15pp depending on several factors. Feel tree to email us for more info!

Where do you get your designs?

Some of our artwork is created by me, and some of it is licensed from other artists. We try to work with local artists as often as possible. If you are an artist and would like to collaborate, please email us!

Can I sell them?

We do sell wholesale to boutiques! If you are already running a boutique or gift shop and would like to stock our clothing, we would love to work with you! 

We are NOT a direct sales or MLM company, and we do not have sales representatives or stylists. If you see our products being sold by another business, they probably bought them wholesale from us. You're always welcome to email us and we can confirm it's an approved vendor.

Where are your clothes made?

Our leggings and joggers are made by our favorite small batch manufacturer in China. After doing extensive research, we felt that partnering with an ethical company overseas would provide the best quality and value for our customers. We love working with their professional team and we appreciate that they pay fair wages and take care of their team too.

Unfortunately the garment industry in the U.S. isn't very open to small businesses, and if we made our leggings here our leggings would be priced over $60 a pair. And just because a manufacturer is in Los Angeles instead of overseas does not mean that it is ethical or provides employees a fair wage and safe working conditions.

Most of our tops are from some of our favorite companies that have their own manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles. Most of our accessories and some of our tops are handmade in-house as well.

What's your privacy policy & security?

You can read our technical privacy policy here. We don't ever give or sell your info to anyone. We won't spam you. We use a professional web host to handle all your customer info, and they have high level of security you can read about here. We don't export any of your information. In fact, our website host doesn't even provide us with your payment details - they are kept secure by their payment processors such as Paypal - depending on which checkout options you select.